August 25, 2022

Aloha, HFRW Members and Fellow Republicans:

I hope and pray that you and your families are doing well. Jack and I and the rest of my ohana are fine. A lot to cover in this letter, so it will be lengthy.

On November 10-12, 2022, the National Federation of Republican Women (“NFRW”) will be holding a Western Conference at Las Vegas! The main theme is to honor our veterans, and it is a joint effort by Region 1 (Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Montana) and Region 2 (California, Alaska, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona). I am currently a member of the Program Committee and Sponsorship Committee; if we get the speakers we want to get, it will be a dynamic(!) conference. Eileen Sobjack, President of the NFRW has committed to joining us.

I created a new tab on our website which lists our members who are seeking office this year. Some, unfortunately, did not make it past the primary, while others will be running in the General Election. I hope you will somehow find it in your generous heart(s) to contribute to their campaigns.

The HFRW has been granted permission by Hawaii Parents United, to link to our website. This is a very new organization helping to keep our children safe from the terrible programs being incorporated in our schools, and it includes good resources.

The gist of this newsletter will be regarding school programs SEL/CRT/CSE and how they are all intertwined as Marxist ideologies:

Social Emotional Learning (“SEL”) + Critical Race Theory (“CRT”) + Comprehensive Sexuality Education (“CSE”) = The indoctrination of our country into Marxism/Communism via the education of our children.

In the 1984 article, “A Love Letter to America” by Tomas Schuman, the alias name of former KGB officer Yuri Bezmenov, it describes the four stages of subversion: (1) Demoralization, (2) Destabilization; (3) Crisis; and (4) Normalization. Our country is currently undergoing the Demoralization process because “The Marxist-Leninist concept of education emphasized “environment” and “mass” character of education over individual abilities and quality.” Our institutions of higher learning were infiltrated decades ago by radicals, leftists, and disturbers who unknowingly were under the guidance of the KGB. State run education programs have intentionally dumbed down the educational curricula to create a population that is more malleable to following government policies and mandates, even at the cost of their freedom.

In The Conservateur’s August 17, 2022, article, “Social-Emotional Learning: CRT-Lite Coming to a Classroom Near You” it noted that during the pandemic, parents noticed their children’s assignments and lesson plans were more politicized, pushing the ideologies of CRT and gender ideology. Susan Duffy, one of our HFRW members, recently gave several excellent presentations entitled, “Primer on Social Emotional Learning” while attorney Jim Hochberg noted laws parents can use to battle SEL. I have included links to their presentations for your information as noted below:

Susan Duffy:

Jim Hochberg:

Below are some of the items SEL is intending to accomplish:

  1. Turn our teachers into psychologists rather than actually being teachers since the emotional well-being of the entire classroom will be collectively more important than the emotional well-being of an individual.
  2. SEL, which may also be based on the Chinese Communist Party’s social credit score system, will allow for psychological profiles on students which can include information on the family’s financial status, racial issues, sexual orientation and the like. From the profile, students are given ratings based on algorithms and can be considered “at risk” due to parents’ political or racial views.
  3. SEL will become the vessel for the rooting of CRT and gender theory in K-12.
  4. SEL may not include parental knowledge and approvals when it comes to gender identity (i.e., the teacher may refer a student to a gender clinic to begin transition treatment without notifying the parent(s)).
  5. SEL will produce social justice warriors.
  6. There is no evidence that SEL provides any real academic, social, or emotional benefits for students. It simply promotes leftist ideologies.

One of Communism’s/Marxism’s main ideologies is to take all parental rights away and make the state have total and absolute control over our children, so they all think alike and act alike. I believe SEL/CRT/CSE (CSE is closely linked with gender identity) will be the tools Democrat Socialists and Communists will use so we can easily be subverted. Russian author, Ayn Rand, one of my favorite authors, wrote a book, entitled “Anthem” which depicts a dystopian society without individualism. It is a good read.

I hope and pray more Republicans get elected not only at the Congressional level but, especially, here in Hawaii. The absolutely only way we will be able to stop these programs is through legislation that eradicates SEL/CRT/CSE.
We have yet another Mt. Everest battle.

My best regards,
Donna P. Van Osdol

President, Hawaii Federation of Republican Women
Member, National Federation of Republican Women Legislation and Research Committee
HD36 Delegate, Rules Committee
HD36 Secretary

The White House